PawBox Code of Ethics

We at PawBox love our dog and cats. We cannot imagine our lives without them and this is why we settle only for the best. Rest assured that we curate our boxes having our own pets in mind.

This is why we test everything inside our home first. We research and pick the products ourselves. The boxes are planned months ahead in order to offer you a high quality service that extends the experience of getting the first box.

PawBox loves everything natural, handmade and Eco-friendly. We love working with small businesses and pet owners with an alike mindset.

Our goal is to create a PawBox community that is strong and long-living. You are part of this as much as we are. Thank you for trusting us with your pets' well being, it's truly an honor.


Our story...

We are strong believers that our pets rescued us instead of the other way around. Our dog Persa and our cats Leo and Naya have shaped our whole existence and their impact is shown on every given chance. They introduced us to a world of kindness, generosity and unconditional love and for that we are forever in doubt.

While looking for a new way to spoil them (cos you just can't spoil them enough!) we realized that there is a gap in the subscription market for pets in Greece. And that's how PawBox was born. Straight out of love.

Through PawBox we wish not only to reach out to pet parents by offering a top notch service, but to find ways to ameliorate the horrible situation of strays in our country.

Join our dreams and let's make things better. Together. One paw at a time.

PawBox team

PawBox Buzz!

"Mpyra gone crazy...Thank you very much PawBox!!!"

Dikaia R.

"Spoiled little brats opening presents..."


"Hello! Mom jut got home with an awesome gift but told me to wait so she takes a picture to show you how happy I am!! Thank you so much, Mickey!!"

Despoina V.