Frequently Asked Questions

What is PawBox?

PawBox is a bimonthly surprise box offering toys, treats and accessories that our own pets have loved! We help you discover the best products by sourcing from high quality suppliers. We support artisan, independent and small businesses as well as the most recognized brands in the pet industry. We do the work for you so that you don't have to shift through hundreds of thousands of items online and pay shipping costs for each and every one or go to the store during your busy day.

What's in the BOOOXXXX?!

In every box you will find a combination of treats, toys and accessories for your beloved kitty or pup! We prioritize homemade, natural and one of a kind pawducts that are tested by our own pets before presenting them to you. From time to time we might offer a themed box to give you an extra reason to anticipate our boxes! Products may vary depending on your dog’s size too, so make sure to complete all of the membership information accurately when you sign up!

How does billing work?

All subscription plans are paid in full at the time of order, via a major credit card, a debit card or a prepaid card. Your plan will automatically renew so your pup or kitty never unintentionally misses a box. You will be rebilled on the 29th at the end of your cycle unless you decide to pause or cancel, which of course you can do at any time, without penalty as long as you do it before the rebilling date.

Let's go through a few examples:

1) You signed up on the 10th of December for a bimonthly subscription (one box every two months)

- first billing/10th of December/40 euro

- first shipment/15th of December

- rebilling/29th of January/40 euro

- second shipment/15th of February

2) You signed up on 15th of December for a first time for a bimonthly subscription (one box every two months)

-first billing/15th of December

- first shipment/15th of January

- first rebilling/29th of February etc

When do I need to subscribe in order to get this month's box?

We ship the same box for two months in a row. If for example you subscribe until the 14th of December you'll receive your first box mid December. If you subscribe after the 14th you'll receive your first box mid January. We recommend the second option for those who want to have an idea of the contents as by then photos of the box will be available in our social media.

When do you ship?

We ship the boxes (subscription ones as well as one time purchases) around the 15th of each month. If it's a holiday or a weekend, we will ship the next working day. All the other products besides boxes that might be available through our Shop will be shipped the day following the purchase. Shipping to Cyprus takes 5-7 working days after departure from Greece and a flat rate of 7 euro is applied. Shipping to the UK can take from 6-9 days after departure and a flat rate of 17 euro is applied.

Why was my subscription renewed? Can I cancel my subscription?

PawBox is a subscription service that automatically renews every cycle. If you didn't realize it when you first subscribed don't worry. You can cancel this awesome service anytime. You just have to log into your account, then go to your subscription's page and cancel the upcoming renewal of your subscription. Please note that we do not offer refunds, so make sure you cancel before your next rebilling day.

Why do I have to prepay for my boxes?

Preparing ahead of time allows us to make better deals with our suppliers and give them enough time to prepare. As many of our suppliers are small businesses and craft their own products it takes a lot of effort and time to fulfill an order. This way we ensure consistent quality on our service as long as supporting the people we work with.

An item arrived damaged. Can I get a refund or a replace?

We work our best to make sure this unfortunate event doesn't occur. However if an item (or more) in your PawBox arrives damaged, we will try to make it up for your pup or kitty (dissatisfied cats are scary...). Send us back the damaged good (in its original packaging) and we will add an extra item in your next box or send back another product of equivalent value.

Can I work with PawBox?

Are you excited about PawBox as much as we are? Are you a vendor or a rescue organization? Do you have a press enquiry? Do you have a business proposal for us? We would love to hear from you! Do not hesitate to contact us at